~29th April ’16; gonna move on~

We had a long chat last night.

I want him to move on..but I think we are in the same boat. But, lucky he didn’t try to ‘open’ all those days stories.

-Sleepless night

-Day dreaming

-Over thinking

Oh my…this is me few years back..


I need to do something, to remind me that I’m TAKEN.

Promise is just a promise. But when we feel guilty because of our promise, then problems will come.

Moga Allah panjangkan usia awak, limpahkan rahmat-Nya ke atas awak, berkati awak di dunia & akhirat, permudahkan segala urusan awak, tabah & tenangkan hati awak. Moga Dia sentiasa lapangkan hati awak, & jadikan awak insan yg redha. Aamiin.nisa

*at the end of the night, i prayed for his good*


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simple... but sometimes complicated
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